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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Storybook Events


Storybook Events conveniently accepts credit card payments. Company cheques may be used only for corporate events. We do not accept cash, personal cheques, or e-transfer payments at this time, with the exception of cash gratuities for the performers.

A non-refundable 30% deposit is required to secure your event in our calendar, however, you may opt to pay in full at any time. For any event over $1000 pre-tax, the deposit required is 50%.


*Your event is not secured until a payment has been made*


The remaining balance (if any) is due no later than 24 hours prior to the event via the same payment methods mentioned above. If funds are not received 24 hours prior to the event, Storybook Events reserves the right to cancel the event and retain the non-refundable deposit. Alternative payment accommodations must be discussed in advance and are at the discretion of Storybook Events KW.

Please note that should you not pay your deposit, we reserve the right to fill your time slot with other requests. If we receive a request for the same date/time as your booking within 3 days of your invoice being issued, we will give you the courtesy of reaching out for an immediate deposit before entertaining any other request. If within a week of issuing the invoice we have not received a deposit, your party will be removed from our system after attempting to contact you. 

Rush Booking Policy:

In the event that you book your party 7 days (one week) or less away from the date of your event, a $50 non-refundable rush fee will be applied to your order. ​

Cancellation & Postponement:

  • In the event you need to cancel or postpone your event, Storybook Events KW will hold your deposit and apply to another date (pending availability) within the same calendar year (maximum of two date changes per deposit). If a new event date cannot be agreed upon within the year, the deposit will be forfeited to Storybook Events KW. 

  • Should you cancel less than 14 days prior to your event, we reserve the right to collect an additional 20% of your event balance 24 hours prior to the contracted event date (to equal a total of 50% including the deposit) in order to compensate for events we have turned away and staff who have already been secured. At this point, your deposit is no longer transferrable to another calendar date. This means that should you wish to pursue another date, you will need to complete the booking process again, and a new deposit and balance will be required. 

  • Should the cancellation be made less than 48 hours from the party date, the full invoiced amount owing is due to Storybook Events. At this point, your deposit is no longer transferrable to another calendar date. This means that should you wish to pursue another date, you will need to complete the booking process again, and a new deposit and balance will be required. 

Setup Requirements: 

Whenever possible furry pets should be placed in another room as many of our performers and artists have allergies. If this is not possible, please let us know so we can staff accordingly. 

Due to sanitation reasons for face paint and costumes please avoid serving food or snacks while your entertainer is present. This includes having your entertainer take food with them, or cake feeding ceremonies. In order to continue to provide high quality service, clean faces and fingers are requested! 

In addition to the shelter requirements listed in the outdoor events section, please ensure face painters are provided with a table and two chairs per painter. Balloon artists also typically require access to a table. 

Please have all guests avoid the use of heavy scents or cigarettes in the vicinity of your entertainers.

Extreme Weather:

Storybook Events KW makes all reasonable attempts to fulfill your booking. We do, however, reserve the right to cancel bookings in the case of dangerous driving conditions, weather conditions in outdoor settings (see below), illness, and personal emergencies beyond our control. In this case, all funds will be refunded and you will receive a 10% credit for a future booking.

Outdoor Events:

If you wish for your entertainers to be outside, you will need to provide them with a shady/covered area to shelter them from the elements. Character performers should be given an indoor location on extremely hot or cold days. In the event that the provided tent or covering is not sufficient enough to protect the quality of the costume & wig in certain weather conditions (snow, sleet, rain, medium or high winds, etc.), the performer reserves the right to request an indoor space or leave the event if none is available, and no fees will be refunded. 

Our Balloon Twisters and characters are unable to perform outside in temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius unless provided with a tent (with 3-4 walls) and a heat source of some kind. Face Painters and Mascots can perform in temps as low as -1 degree Celsius but must be provided a tent (with 3-4 walls) and a heat source.

Performer Safety:

Storybook Events KW entertainers are instructed to leave IMMEDIATELY if they experience or witness any verbal, physical, and/or sexual abuse during an event. There will be no refund of any kind. Our performers are playing the role of children's characters and are not to be objectified in any way. All entertainers are permitted to leave an event if they feel they are in an unsafe situation (including heavy drinking, drug use, or illegal activity), and no refund will be provided. 


Breaks Requirements:

All events and parties over 1 hour must have nearby access to a washroom. Artists and performers are permitted to take one PAID 15-minute break every 3 hours, or one half hour break every 6+ hours. Mascot performers must be provided with a weather-proof private space for breaks every half hour as the mascot costumes overheat easily. ​


Storybook Events KW does not offer licensed and/or trademarked characters, we also do not intend to infringe on copyrights. All characters shown are either based on stories that are public domain or original characters that may have similarities to licensed characters. 

If you wish to have licensed characters, please contact license holders. All advertisements and promotional material (if used) must use our original character names, as well as our original character images. Breach of this section may result in your event being cancelled, and Storybook Events KW will be paid any outstanding balance on the invoice.

Our characters are played by multiple actors and may appear different than in the photos advertised. 


Please note our face painters do not paint children under 2, or those that cannot consent. Our characters cannot hold or pick up children/babies. 

Terms and conditions may be subject to change by Storybook Events at any time. 

*Please note that by paying the security deposit, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed above.*

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