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  • How do I book an event, and when should I do so?"
    Storybook Events is one of the region's top entertainment companies and it is highly recommended to book as soon as you have a venue, date, and time secured. To book an event, all clients must complete the online booking request form on the Contact page. All communications should be done through emails so that there are no discrepancies and all parties have copies of the details. A non-refundable deposit is required to hold your event in our calendar. Until the deposit is received, your time slot will remain available to other potential clients. We request your invoice to be paid in full prior to the event. If full payment is not received prior to the event, our entertainers will not arrive.
  • Are your rates negotiable?
    Storybook Events recognizes that event planning can be stressful and expensive, and so we proudly provide a variety of package options to suit every budget. Due to the time and cost that goes in to purchasing, maintaining, and advertising our services, we are not able to lower our rates. However, we are happy to offer a 10% non-profit discount to schools and registered charities (charity number required) upon request.
  • When do travel fees apply?
    Our base rate includes events within a 20KM radius from Kitchener City Hall. This covers most of the Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge areas, as well as some of the surrounding areas. Events farther than 20KM are subject to additional fees quoted on a case-by-case basis. Travel fees include mileage, as well as hourly compensation per entertainer(s).
  • What are your payment methods?
    Storybook Events conveniently accepts credit card payments. Company cheques may be used only for corporate events. We do not accept cash, personal cheques, or e-transfer payments at this time, with the exception of cash gratuities for the performers.
  • Do you provide background checks for your entertainers?
    Storybook Events recognizes how important safety is, and for this reason we require all of our entertainers and staff to obtain a clear and current criminal record vulnerable sector background check.
  • Do you require a deposit?
    Yes, each booking must receive a non-refundable deposit before being secured in our calendar. Your deposit covers administrative work involved with communications, invoicing, and scheduling. This amount will not be refunded in the event of a cancellation, but can be applied as a credit to your account for 1 calendar year.
  • How many children can I have at my party?
    In order to offer our clients a consistent rate and schedule for our party packages, we have carefully designed a guest limit of 12 children. If you will have more than 12 children participating additional fees may incur. There are some character parties that can accommodate additional children, however for artistry services additional hours may need to be booked. Please reach out to with any questions or a custom quote.
  • Are gratuities included in my invoice?
    Your invoice does not include gratuities. Our entertainers invest a lot of time and passion into their character performances, and while gratuities are never expected, they are always much appreciated! If you believe your entertainer has gone above and beyond their job description, please feel free to tip accordingly.
  • Are the face paints safe for skin?
    Storybook Events only employs artists who paint with skin-safe, hypoallergenic, cosmetic-grade, FDA compliant materials. We take the safety of our little clients very seriously and carry $2M liability insurance for your piece of mind. If you have any reservations about particularly sensitive skin, you may request a test patch on the wrist before a full face application.
  • How do I wash off the face paint?
    The official cleaning suggestion for face paint is to apply a mild soap to the paint with a touch of water, work up a lather, and wipe away with a wet cloth. If you notice any residual paint/staining (which is perfectly normal with highly pigmented colours), you may apply baby/coconut/olive oil to the skin and wipe away after 10-20 minutes.
  • How many children can be painted in an hour?
    Storybook Events books 1 artist per 10-12 children in an hour. If you are expecting a higher number of participants, please mention this while booking so that we can discuss a fast faces option or adjust the length of your booking. You may also request a "detailed faces" option with 6-8 children, where your artist can add extra details and do special requests not on their menu.
  • Can I request an artist's theme?
    Our face painters and balloon twisters can prepare special designs or a custom menu for your event with enough advance notice. The artists options may be limited depending on the number of your attendees.
  • What are your Face Paint sanitization protocols?
    Storybook Events prides itself on our 3+ Step Sanitization Process. All face painters are required to: 1) Use an industry approved water sanitization solution. 2) To clean brushes in an alcohol solution between children. 3) To sanitize paints between events. Painters also use new sponges for each child so there can be no cross contamination.
  • Why don't you face paint babies under 2?
    Storybook Events artists will not paint any child that cannot give consent. We want it to be a positive experience. Also, some face paint and removal can sometimes be too abrasive for newborn skin, and we want to avoid any potential reactions.
  • How should I prepare for a character party package?
    Please see our Terms and Conditions!
  • Can my character party have face paint or glitter tattoos instead of temporary tattoos?
    If you would like to have face painting as well as a character performer at your event, we are happy to send an artist for an additional fee. Our character assistants are trained to apply glitter tattoos, and we are happy to make that substitution for an added cost!
  • Do I need to supervise the children during the performance?
    While our entertainers are trained to keep the children occupied for the duration of the event, we are not responsible for the behaviour of the children/adults present. We kindly request that at least one adult be in the room to supervise the participants. Our performers are instructed to leave the site immediately in the event of any harassment in the form of physical, verbal, mental, and/or sexual. Absolutely no refund will be offered in this case. Please see our terms and conditions.
  • I'm confused about your character packages. What does each item entail?
    Minutes of entertainment - how long your character will be in attendance. Character attendant - a non-costumed assistant to accompany your character and answer your questions so the performer can stay in character. Interactive performance - your character may sing, teach a dance, do superhero training, or another form of performance that suits their character and strengths. Themed games - One to three participation based games that are cleverly crafted to suit different age groups. Photo opportunity - Snap photos with your phones or cameras in the location of your choice. This is usually done at the end of a party, and typically allows time for a group photo, family photo, and any individuals you may desire. Colouring sheets - Themed colouring sheets, children may choose which photo they'd like to colour, using crayons provided by our character attendant. Tattoos - Temporary tattoos applied by the character and sometimes their attendant. In the event of a larger group of children, tattoos may be swapped for jumbo stickers to save time. Personalized autograph cards - cards signed with your character's autograph, with a written message and the child's name. Certificate ceremony - A certificate and oath suited to the theme of your character (i.e. Princess for the day, Honourary superhero, Pop Star for the Day, etc.) Gift for birthday child - A themed gift provided to your child during the certificate ceremony. (i.e. Princesses get a tiara, heroes get a cape or mask, pirates get a sword, etc.) Festival Glitter - a choice of coloured sparkles applied around the eyes for a fun pop of sparkle. Confidence Lessons - a perfect choice for characters like our Jojo Siwa impersonator or our Barbi character. The character covers three main ways to gain confidence, perfect for superstars, or for kids that could use a little pep in their step. Craft - reserved for specific specialty characters where other activities may not make sense. Small gift for each child - a small gift provided by the character for each child such as a hair accessory. Mermaid Coronation - the same as a certificate ceremony. Clamshell prop photo-opportunity - the same as photo opportunity, except we bring a large blow-up clamshell as the backdrop for the photos as the mermaid cannot leave the poolside (or stand). Waterproof glitter tattoos - See here. Swim time with Mermaid - The mermaid will swim with the kids, play games, and interact in the water!
  • Can we call the character by a different name than the name on your website?
    Yes, of course! Due to licensing restrictions we list characters under our original names, however at your party you may call the character by whatever name you are most familiar with. Please note that any advertising must include our original character names and provided photos, no copyrighted content may be used in promotions under any circumstances.
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